Technics sx-KN6000 Keyboard

The KN6000 will astound you with amazingly real sound that’s rich with emotion and detail, thanks to its powerful new sound engine and new PCM sound source.

New PCM Sound Source

Each instrument sound has been newly sampled and contains more memory than on previous Technics models. As a result, more of the dynamics and characteristics of the instruments are captured; including a natural vibrato effect that is beautifully demonstrated in the Soloist sound settings.

Technics Keyboards Software KNSDExplorer

Explosive New Sound System

The Technics KN6000 fires out an impressive 66 watts of power, for sound that will blow you away.

A 30W subwoofer results in thundering bass tones, while the newly redirected tweeters shower the listener with realistic sound.

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All of the features of the Technics sx-KN6000 keyboard are included on our KN6000 Specification page.

Technics KN6000 Specification

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