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SD Techmanager 7000

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Copy Styles, Sounds, MIDI Files and more to your SD Cards using SD-Techmanager7000. The SD Techmanager7000 Windows Utility is designed for managing your SD Cards enabling you to copy files from your computer to your keyboard with ease. It is a fully comprehensive SD Card management tool and was priced at £109.99 ($179) when released in 2003. Key Soft Service who created the software ceased operations many years ago and various websites have made the SD-Techmanager programme available for download over the years. However, the links on those sites are defunct now and the Package assembled here includes all necessary patches [...]

TECHPLUS Magazine 2003 Issue 3

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CONTENTS SEQUENCER SONG SAVE Learn how to load single songs into specific song memory locations. CREATE AN ARRANGEMENT OF THE JAMES BOND THEME This month's arrangement is the original suave, sophisticated James Bond Theme - so brush off your dinner jacket, shake yourself a martini and let's settle down to some serious programming! MIDI FILE WORKSHOP 2 In the last issue, we copied one disk of Midi files to the SD card. Let's now put some more Midi files on the SD card and see what we can be done with them on the KN7000. READERS WORKSHOP In a [...]

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