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TECHPLUS Magazine 2003 Issue 4

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CONTENTS KEYBOARD CAVALCADE FESTIVAL The Blackpool extravaganza took place recently and was enjoyed by hundreds of like-minded keyboard and organ enthusiasts. Lillian Boucher went along to soak up the atmosphere (as well as the rain!). Here's the story… DIMINISHED-RESPONSIBILITY Do you always leave out the Diminished chords? If so, help is on hand to solve the mystery. REVIEW TECHNICS KN2600 Technics recently introduced two brand new keyboards to its product range – the KN2400 and KN2600. Here, Neil Barkus takes a close up look at the KN2600 and gives it the thumbs up. AUTO PLAY-CHORD It may sound like [...]

TECHPLUS Magazine 2003 Issue 3

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CONTENTS SEQUENCER SONG SAVE Learn how to load single songs into specific song memory locations. CREATE AN ARRANGEMENT OF THE JAMES BOND THEME This month's arrangement is the original suave, sophisticated James Bond Theme - so brush off your dinner jacket, shake yourself a martini and let's settle down to some serious programming! MIDI FILE WORKSHOP 2 In the last issue, we copied one disk of Midi files to the SD card. Let's now put some more Midi files on the SD card and see what we can be done with them on the KN7000. READERS WORKSHOP In a [...]

TECHPLUS Magazine 2003 Issue 2

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CONTENTS LOCATE HIDDEN ORCHESTRAL SOUNDS ON THE GA1 If you play a GA1 organ, you'll be interested to know that there are some 'hidden' sounds available. CREATE AN ARRANGEMENT OF 'MANDY A step-by-step guide to making a full arrangement of the popular Barry Manilow hit Mandy. MIDI FILE WORKSHOP ­PART 1 Part 1 of a MIDI file workshop for the KN7000. EXPRESS YOURSELF The expression pedal can be used in two different ways. Discover more about it in this workshop. MUSIC STYLE ARRANGER In this workshop, we'll show you how to use the MSA in Panel Memory mode for [...]

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