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Strictly Ballads

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Beautiful & Romantic: Cross-genre Ballad Styles Every ballad style you can imagine here! As an added bonus you will also find a selection of complimentary sound settings to use for the melody. CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY GENTLE SWING ORCHESTRAL ORGAN COMBO DIXIE SIXTIES WALTZ BIG BAND These pro Styles have extra arrangements in some of the Composer Memories (A, B and C) so check those out too. Panel Memories are set up with stunning instrument combinations to suit each Style, making your music sound amazing from the get-go! If you find any incompatibilities with your instrument or you would like a version for [...]

TECHPLUS Magazine 2003 Issue 6

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CONTENTS EASY COMPOSER Easy Composer is a great way to create your very own rhythm patterns quickly and easily without the need for any programming knowledge whatsoever. SEQUENCING - SILENT NIGHT An introduction to using the Sequencer in order to build up a multi-track song. Complete with musical arrangement of Silent Night for you to try. CYCLE RECORD Get to grips with the Sequencer on your keyboard and a closer look at how Cycle Record works. USING A MICROPHONE If you want to try using a microphone with your KN7000, this workshop will help in getting you started. CREATING HAMMOND [...]

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