Website and Network System

Current System Status – GREEN

Yahoo, Aol and Juno Email addresses

We regularly experience problems with delivery to these providers and I’m in touch with them constantly to allow emails through. I do everything I can. if you continue having issues please get a free Gmail address. You can easily set Yahoo up to receive emails from an alternative Gmail address, and I will help you to do that if necessary.

Current Email Status – GREEN

If you use Yahoo, Aol or Juno and have experienced problems with receiving emails, resetting passwords and so on, check the status here. If it is GREEN you should receive emails at this time. Now is the time to log in, reset your password or confirm your newsletter signup.

We do not send spam. If Yahoo, Aol or Juno users flag our emails as spam it involves several hours or days of work, and it disrupts our Members who use these providers. Please use the spam avoidance tools in your Inbox with consideration for everyone.