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This page is about keeping you up to date and helping you to quickly get where you want to go…

This Website

The site you’re on now is a stepping stone towards the launch of our new Community Network for Technics Instruments enthusiasts. To migrate 11,000 Members was always going to be a challenge (little did I realise how much of a mountain I had to climb) and you’ll be able to read more about that in my Blog soon if you’re interested in that side of things.

This site lets me move your Membership to the new network of sites and retain your access to all the great Technics Styles and other content on the existing legacy sites at the same time.

This page is to let you know the current status and how to make the best of the websites while I organise the transition here from our Legacy Network.

Below I will add steps for you to follow and links to the sites available right now, with descriptions of what they do and links to visit them.

New Members

Introduce yourself in the General Chat Forum. Tell us a little about yourself, we want to meet you!

This is also a measure to reduce problem signups, we will deactivate silent accounts.

TechnicsKeyboard.com (this site)

Use this site for…

  • Maintaining your Membership Profile (your account and personal info)
  • Discussions and getting Help in the Forums
  • Information about accessing current content and downloads
  • News about what’s coming next

Note: When you are logged in you can click on the website’s main logo to return to this page, no matter where you are in the site.

Press the ‘house’ icon in the Menus to go to the Home Page (where you can log in and out).

Step 01

When you have successfully logged in please go to the Forums and post a message so that I know you have migrated-in without issues. If your post is not visible immediately do not worry. Sometimes posts go into ‘pending’ because the website system is super security-conscious and I’m using the new posts to adjust the settings. I will see your post and make it visible within 24 hours or so.

Go to the Forums – Click Here

Step 02

Our Groups are arranged in Families of Keyboards. Go to the Groups page and join the appropriate Group for your instrument model (you can join more than one if you like). This is going to filter the downloads that are suitable for your model in due course so it will help you to get the correct files.

Go to the Groups – Click Here

Step 03

Logging in and Navigating between sites. Look for ‘The Circle’ at the top left of the site. This opens the side menu where you can log in and out and navigate between websites.

Look for ‘The Circle’ button on the top left.

Activity Stream

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