Network-Wide Menu

Notes: Site is a Multisite Multiblog (network-wide forums) using Bbpress & Buddypress.

Aim: To achieve a network-wide menu similar to the image.

Method: Either by customising the WP Title Bar or building an additional menu. The Buddypress (members) menu needs to be automated and to respond to Buddypress, Buddydev and Dev4press plugin customisations.

Must-Have Criteria:

  • Fast
  • Reliable (I need a method or plugin that will continue to be supported ongoing)
  • Must not conflict with:
    • Elementor Pro
    • Astra Theme Pro
    • Bbpress
    • Buddypress
    • WordPress Download Manager Pro
    • Buddydev Pro Plugins
    • Dev4press Pro Plugins

Plugins / developers of interest: – many toolbar plugins. Difficult for me to understand which to use.

(free version below)

(free version below)