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I am pleased to have just acquired a KN7000. I bot it on UK Gumtree. Shipping was a nightmare. Took 6 months to arrive here in Auckland. Fortunately, after a full on checkout, I gave it a thumbs up. Virtually everything worked, except the SD Drive. It does not recognise when a SD card is present. I have just discovered that it will only recognise a 1 Gb SD card, so have ordered two of them. They are getting hard to access now as 32Gb cards are the norm here in NZ. Soon as I get my SD Drive working I can start making real progress on my migration to my 7000.

Unfortunately, my 5000 is in for repair, as volume and startup is malfunctioning. When I get it back, I will be transferring all my 5000 styles to my new 7000. Really appreciate the Technics website and will be joining as a Life Member but need to reset my password to do so. Help please. Ray


Ray is a Blues, Rock and Reggae musician living in Auckland. He plays keyboards, harmonica and occasional vocals. Currently he performs at Auckland Blues Club and does guest gigs for special occasions and for benefits. He has a Technics KN SX 5000 keyboard and over 50 harmonicas, mostly Lee Oskars and Yamaha diatonics. His 5000 is 22 years old and still plays beautifully. Only repair was in 2019, to replace some capacitors and the volume controller. Looking to upgrade to a 7000 when he sells his 5000. He also enjoys song writing and composing. Call him up if you are visiting Auckland and he can get you connected into the local music scene.




KN5000 Owner, KN700 Owner