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Hi All,

New user “heliotrope” here.  (Michael Hester). This forum post may well be a duplicate of what I have already posted to the main Technics forum, but can’t really tell.  Never encountered a forum and website structured quite this way.  I chose the username “heliotrope” because that is also my username on the John Bowen forum.  I am a proud owner of the John Bowen Solaris synthesizer (#12).

Anyway, I’ve acquired a SX-WSA1 keyboard synth in good condition and eager to learn more about it.  Hoping to become “verified” soon in order to be able to download and print an owner’s manual.

I am attaching a picture of the synth in my rig.  Located below my Roland V-Synth in a stand I constructed out of Ultimate Support tubing.

Best Regards,


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    Hi Michael,

    That’s an interesting setup you have there! Before getting much into that let’s sort out verification for you on the WSA site at

    I agree, the setup is unusual and rather confusing at the moment! I started the Legacy sites in 2014 but the system I used to create them is no longer updated other than security patches. Those will also cease soon so I’m forced to move on and all content is being migrated to this new system.

    In the interim, the two networks of sites are “linked”, so that Members join this new network but retain access to the Legacy network. I’m building a brand new WSA website as part of the new network but no pages are live yet. Lots more underway when we go live, the WSA1 Members are being very patient (which sort of goes with the territory of owning one!).

    Please go to the home page of this website. When logged in you’ll see the button to Maintain Your Legacy Connection. Click that and follow the instructions. As soon as I see your registration on the Legacy Network I’ll verify you. Then you’ll be able to access everything on the WSA1 site. I’ll keep an eye open to make sure you’re synchronised.

    Sorry that’s a bit of a procedure but if you can handle all that kit in your photo I’m sure you’re going to cope just fine! Let me know if you have any issues and I hope to hear some of your playing soon!

    PS I see that you have managed to find your way onto the new unlaunched site. That has probably confused matters even further. It will be hidden in the near future but I’ll ensure that it is back visible to you when we launch.

    Many thanks,


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