Technics SX-pX 74M distorted sound, please help!


Hello, I am looking for some help, please. I’ve recently bought a piano which is in mint conditions, I got it from eBay, and the owner was an elderly lady. The piano, as I’ve said it is in mint condition. You’d pass it as nearly new, and you cannot see any ageing on the bodywork or on the keyboard itself.

However… The big issue is with the sound., it sounds distorted, like a very cheap keyboard. It feels like it has no clarity on the notes. The lower octaves are powerful, and it isn’t comforting. It’s nothing like you see on YouTube on any Technics piano. I was too excited about the condition of it, and I didn’t bother for the rest as I’ve assumed it’s okay.

I get some volume if the volume side is at max. The demo tracks are playing fine, and I’ve checked the speakers, which looks new too. I’m gutted and don’t know what do to. I hope it’s a setting issue but so far I haven’t got any luck,

Many thanks for your help!

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