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I have an SX-PX664 digital piano, it must be around 20 years old. I am trying to use it as a midi controller. I have the correct cable, software and a decent pc. But it just won’t work properly. It doesn’t record what I play and the lights on the cable don’t work properly. Any ideas?

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    The problem is most likely a configuration setting.  So more info is needed to help you

    What kind of software ?

    Check the input/output settings on the piano. (and on the software)

    Are the cables 5 pin connections or usb?


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    Thanks for answering!

    I have tried it with mixcraft and a basic midi editor, same result in both.

    The input / output settings are correct

    5 pin connections in piano to usb on computer. Piano is old!

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    Here are some settings to check. You may have already gone through most of it, but just incase.

    Once you have connected the PC and piano with the MIDI Cable, switch on the piano.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>I am assuming you are running a version of Windows. Momentarily Windows might say found new device, installing drivers. But this may already have been done since you’ve had a few attempts.

    Next tell Windows your input sound device is the piano. I think just searching for ‘sound’ on Windows will get you this panel. Or it should be in the Windos Control Menu. You should see ‘Panasonic USB’ listed in the input or recording devices tab. Select that.

    Reading the user PX 664 user manual, the default channel is set to 1. But try this. While pressing the MODE SET button, tap the lower most C. The display should say C-1. At least this confirms that the Piano is ready to send MIDI data on channel 1.

    On the Windows side, start the MIDI software and check its input MIDI device. Select USB or something you recognise as your piano connection.

    Try playing the piano and see if your MIDI software detects the piano.

    If it works, you can set whether the piano or PC should sound. While pressing SET MODE, press DIGITAL EFFECT button to choose MIDI ‘Local control’.

    Hope this helps.

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    If your “interface ”  for example is a Roland UM ONE or other brandname you need to install first the driver.

    If midi to USB connection is not recognized you have to re-install the driver.

    If you disconnect and reconnect the USB cable while using mixcraft the program will maybe not recognize the interface.

    The midi out from the piano is connected to the midi IN of the interface. To start don’t connect the midi out to midi in.

    Consider yatawal recommendations and succes.

    More help ? let us know



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    Thanks everyone for your help.

    there’s a connection on a few notes but not most of them. It’s obviously a dodgy connection somewhere, probably in the piano. I’m certain the set up is correct and I’ve done all the right things. I’m giving up with it and doing musical typing instead, can’t afford a new piano lol

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