SX-PX201 keyboard issue


I have faulty SX-PX201 which keyboard acts up strangely

Individual keys plays OK but trying chords or pressing multiple keys, not all keys are playing

I taken the piano apart and have cleaned the rubbers and contacts but that did not make any difference. Also the diode array is OK. Further investigation the digital piano  has repeating problem with the keyboard. The issue repeats in every 4 keys block (gate array controls the keyboard in 4 key blocks). If I press the first and second key from this block, both keys sounds fine. If I press second and third key, both sounds ok but third key sound remains playing despite raising the key. If I press third and fourth key in the block, only third key plays. I have also run the inbuilt diagnostics according to the service manual and no faults indicated. I wonder if anyone has seen this same problem and perhaps can help to find the cause of this problem.



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    Hi Ari,

    Could check if also using the MIDI port you have this issue?



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