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I use the SX-PR700 which I’ve had for ages and still love!

I use it with garageband and other DAWs, via midi.

I have always liked using drum patterns because I am useless at trying to write drum tracks. Many of the drum patterns that Technics provide on the piano are pretty good. Whilst I’ve recorded them many times direct to CD, I cannot for the life of me work out how to get them into garageband or a DAW via midi.   I can only assume that they are not midi drum patterns?

I’ve tried recording the patterns into the keyboard memory and then saving to the floppy disk as a midi file (saves OK), loading it back in (appears to reload back in OK) and then recording it but the drum track just simply doesn’t play at all.  The manual does not really give any guidance in this area.

Does anyone have any ideas to how I could manage this, or is it not possible?


The alternative is to record the drums as a .wav file, which I have tried, and then add this file to a project. However I come across a further, strange situation when I do this:   the BPM which I’ve recorded never matches with garageband or any other DAW; it’s close but not close enough, so this method is unusable.


Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received


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    This is knowing the art of unscrambling the Technics APC format, which contains all the chord accompaniments, drum patterns and the bass parts and separating them into different MIDI tracks.

    There is a way to convert it and sometime ago there was an article written about it. Although that link is no longer there, I found this, which lists the steps required.


    Hope this will start you in the right direction.  If you get stuck let me know as I have done it a few times  on a Technics PR804.




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