Connecting Technics P30 to Logic Pro X


Hi, I want to connect my Technics P30 to Logic Pro x via a PreSonus Audiobox USB 96 controller. Sometimes I want to record the actual piano, sometimes I want to use it as a MIDI controller.


Can I plug it into the Audio Box as BOTH an external instrument AND a MIDI?


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    Connecting your P30 as audio device  via audio cable jack connector and via 5 pin midi cable( piano out tot audiobox midi in)

    is possible   but ….recording to logic pro simultaneously is a test you can do.

    Because USB 96 is bus powered the choise is maybe or audio or midi. ( power can go off, if so just reset your usb settings)

    If it is really needed just use a midi interface cable.

    ( I am using it for years (KN6000 and Sonar VSstudio100 and Roland UM ONE) without problems.

    Hope it was helpful


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