upload KN7000 STYLE SERIES Y1 V2 with CD card


How can I put the file (KN7000 STYLE SERIES Y1 V2) on an SD card with the correct folder structure so that the KN7000 can read it.


maps are 01K7SSY1,02K7SSY1,03K7SSY1 etc.

thanks in advance



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    Hi Rudy,

    There are three ways:

    1 – Use KN-SDExplorer which is available from the Technics network menu at the top of this page. The free version can be used to restore the sdb backup (which replaces everything on your SD Card) or to add the files to a card that already has content. KN-SDExplorer is not 100% stable on modern operating systems so please keep a backup of your current card before using it. The limitation of the free version is that you can add ten or so files and then you have to close and re-start it to add the next ten. The reported instability is that it can corrupt cards occasionally if the demo limitation is exceeded. Note that I did not create KN-SDExplorer but I host and provide support for it on that website.

    2 – Use Techmanager 2000 which is available to VIP members in the downloads area.

    These only apply to Windows computers. If you are using a Mac let me know and I’ll make a Mac version (I can’t get to that for a few days).

    3 – Copy the Styles to floppy disk (max 20no per floppy) and transfer them to your SD Card using your KN7000’s features (if you have a KN2600 it has no floppy drive so you can’t use this method).

    Best wishes,

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