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I can create 20 custom styles mostly from the Y2 style downloads. Can I save these somewhere called say Big band or Ballads and then create another 20 say Latin and save these. I should like to be able to recall these from disk as required. I  am fairly new to the Kn but am used to Yamaha PSR and Tyros. The facilities on the Kn are very good generally and great sounds.

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    hi @bob_d3

    Yes you can. You have two ways.

    COMPOSER and Floppy

    Each Composer has three banks. A, B and C. That constitutes three Styles you might say. We usually tend to only use A but you can store three on disk and a Composer (CMP file). So, When you save a Technics Song (Style) to disk, you’re saving three each time. You can save 20 CMPs on a Floppy disk, so that can contain 3×20=60 Styles.


    Here’s the best and most amazing way. Firstly, you’ll want to do a full backup onto floppy disk and keep it safe. Do that by Saving and going to Page 2 of the Save screens. Ensure that every section is set to YES. Ensure that the Panel memory section is set to ALL. This is the only way to do a full backup. Keep the disk safe you’ll probably never need it but just in case.

    Next, Load one of your Big Band Styles into Composer from disk. Assuming it is Composer A, set your first four Panel Memories up (in Bank A of Panel Memories). You probably haven’t played with Custom Rhythms much up to now. Refer to Page 117 in the manual and Copy your Composer to the first Custom Rhythm slot. Now try playing back that Custom Rhythm in Slot 1. It is a copy of your Composer but it also has four Music Style Arrangers (MSA), they are the same as the four Panel Memories you set up earlier. Check whether you want to change anything and repeat the process until your Custom Rhythm in slot 1 is exactly as you like it. You’ll probably need to do it a few times to realise how to name it nicely and get the sounds ‘just so’.

    Repeat the above steps for all 20 Custom Rhythms. Now you will have 20 Big Band Rhythms with MSAs ready to quickly use in the Custom button of the Rhythm section.

    Just for fun, you can load another three Big Band Styles into Composer 1, 2 and 3. So you have 23 Big Band Styles you can swap between if you want to.

    Now we’re going to save the 20 Styles in Custom. Save to floppy and go to Page 2 of the Save screens. Ensure that All sections are OFF except for ALL CUSTOM STYLE and then save. That has saved your bank of 20 Styles. You can of course save the 3 in Composer, your panel memories and so on if you like. But I’m suggesting that you only save the ALL CUSTOM STYLE. Name it ‘Big Band’ of whatever.

    An ALL CUSTOM STYLE loads 20 Styles into Custom Rhythm quickly and easily. You can save 20 of them on floppy disk, so that means you can save 20×20=400 Styles on your floppy disk, all with 4 MSAs (ie 1600 MSAs). If you save Composers (CMP) at the same time that adds another 60. However, I say just stick to the ALL CUSTOM STYLE because it loads 20no into a bank really quickly and easily.

    I hope that helps. The main thing is to read some of the additional detail about Loading and Saving in the manual, as well as the section about ALL CUSTOM STYLEs. Even though they are time-consuming to make, the satisfaction you will get from the end result is well worth it.

    Several members have asked me to start releasing All Custom Styles because they are so excellent. There are one or two in the Legacy members Area. However, as you will find, they take a while to make and there is no way to convert them between instrument models so it is impractical. They should be made in exactly the situation you’re asking about so that they are personally tailored to you.

    Give it a go and let me know if you need more detail.

    Almost nobody knows that you can fit 460 Technics Styles and 2000 Panel Memories on a single floppy disk 😉

    Neat Fact: On the KN7000 SD Card you can fit 45,540 Styles using this method… if you can stay awake that long 😀

    Best wishes,



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    PS When I say MSA I’m referring to the four Variations of the Style. Press and Hold the MSA button to change how the Variations operate. I.e. whether only the Rhythm varies or the Rhythm AND the Sounds you’re playing with your fingers (which are set using the four Panel memories we discussed earlier).

    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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    Thanks Mike

    It all made good sense and I tried it. Success! It will as you say be quite a long job to select suitable styles for each category but it will help me as I make up panel memories for specific songs from both the built in styles and custom. It would be interesting to work out how to fit 2000 panel memories onto a floppy and how it would operate. I have been used to using a single USB memory stick to store everything on Yamaha but floppies work but are obviously much slower and not as flexible. I really like the KN sound samples and the Orchestrator.



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