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Hello all,

I would like to fit a (KN7000) USB Floppy disk drive emulator to my Technics keyboard. Has anyone else done that? And does anyone know the wiring connections and jumper link settings? Any help/advice would be welcome. Thanks

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    hi gary

    I want to do the same but for my KN6000

    I found info on the internet (

    There is 1 device ” ONLY for SX KN 7000″

    Good luck




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    This might be what you’re looking for.

    I have bought the KN7000 version from the same supplier. I get the impression that the hardware/firmware are the same from him….he just lists them for different keyboard models. By all means message him for confirmation. Having taken the top off my PR902 keyboard, the wiring looks to be identical and used the service manual for pin listing. The only thing stopping me going ahead is that I’m waiting for a USB floppy disk drive to be able to copy my floppies on to my USB thumb drive.

    I hope to be able to try it out next weekend. I’ll post back here with the results/problems. My only real issue is likely to be jumper settings…..

    Good Luck.


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    Great news. My USB emulator and USB floppy drive both arrived. I did get it working but not before I fell into a trap or two (see below)!

    I downloaded the Service Manual for my PR902 from this site (Thanks!) and double checked the wiring from the keyboard (FDD) to the Floppy drive. [The wiring is also identical on the KN7000…not sure about KN5000 or KN6000]. However, the seller on EBay (above) does list it as suitable for <b>KN-5000 / KN-5500 / KN-6000 / KN-6500 / KN-7000…..but do check cabling.</b>

    Beware….there is much confusing info on the internet! I didn’t find anyone who had tried/succeeded with a Technics SX PR902.

    I had used “USB_Floppy_Manager_v1.40i” to format 100 virtual drives (000 to 099) on the USB stick and then tried to add all the files from one of my keyboard floppies into 000 using USB_Floppy_Manager (per the internet method). I later tried adding these multiple files as a single image file (using MagicIso).

    I plugged emulator in (power and 34 pin connector) in place of my floppy drive. [At this stage, I didn’t bother installing it….just in case I couldn’t get it to work]. The emulator switched on and displayed OK.

    BUT there was an Error 34 on the emulator display (meaning no image file) when I plugged in my (256MB) USB stick. This error came up for either multiple FDD files in folder/virtual drive 000 or trying a single image file containing all the FDD files. This was a puzzle.

    The solution was much simpler than I thought :

    a) Format USB stick as FAT32 on PC

    b) Convert individual set of FDD files into a single xxxxx.img image file (MagicIso or similar)

    c) Copy the img file on to the USB stick

    NB The emulator with Flashfloppy v3.15 does NOT need the 000-099 folders/virtual drives. The emulator just “sees” the image files in the order they were loaded. 🙂

    Hope this helps…….

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    Small point:

    The image files are sorted/displayed into numerical/alphabetical order on the USB  stick. So if you want the .img files in a particular order, name them starting with numbers!

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