List of KN6500 voices and program numbers


I wish to access voices on my KN6500 from an external midi sequencer. Can anyone tell me where I can get a list of the relevant program numbers and the voices to which they refer, please?

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    hi mike

    I posted some info on the old site Technics

    Is your sequencer part of a DAW or a soundmachine ? (brandname ? type? how is it connected?

    In order to use an external sequencer for your KN you must understand the midi behaviour of your keyboard.

    Do you have the implementation chart?

    This info is needed to help you to start from the beginning.

    Kind regards


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    Hi mriske:

    Thanks for your response. I was fortunate enough to be contacted on the Cakewalk forum by somebody who used the same sequencer as I (Gajits’ Breakthru 2). It’s one from the mid-80s and runs on an Atari ST. My Atari setup is broken and I had been trying to find something to replace the sequencer on my PC. However, my helper showed me how to install and set up STEEM (an Atari emulator), then loaded Breakthru into the emulator and finally, produced a disk image for all my saved song files so that they would be accessible. He finally provided a patch that allowed me to address all the voices on my KN6500. Consequently, I (or rather he) have/has resolved the issue I raised here.

    The STEEM setup requires that I put my keyboard into GM2 mode rather than NX but that’s not an issue. I am now happily using my old sequencer and the KN6500 is behaving itself. Don’t you just love it when luck takes over and delivers a solution you didn’t know existed? I appreciate your response. I didn’t get a notification on the old site – it was offline for a while but I’ll head over there now and look up your posting.



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