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Hi chums,

Has anyone any experience of cleaning out dust trapped between the screen, and screen cover, on a KN2600?

The service manual shows the outer screen cover as a separate part and I have tried, gently, to pry it out but either it won’t budge or I lack the confidence to try a little bit harder. If it’s glued in then I’m boogered, unless I remove the whole top half of the cabinet?

It’s not play-critical, just really annoying to gaze at a now quite dusty screen, particularly when the sunlight is on it.




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    I did this by opening the cabinet.

    The service manual diagrams show where the screws are.

    Keep a record of all screws / locations and be careful not to strain cables between top and base when opening.

    The main board / cables needs removing to allow access to remove the LCD panel.


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