Sequencing on KN5000


Hi @colintg

I’ve moved your query to the KN5000 Forum. You asked:

“are there any demo videos on sequencing on the KN 5000”

There is a video which is a comprehensive guide to KN5000. I’m not able to publish it now but I’ll let you know when it is available.

The KN7000 video will be available very soon, and the sequencer features are very similar indeed so that might be useful. The sequencers on all models with large screens from KN2000 onwards are very similar to work with.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of information about KN5000 sequencing on the KN5000 legacy Site:

I’ve also added that site to the Network Menu at the top of the page. The information contained on that site is being migrated into the network and I’ll edit this link when that is completed.


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