KN5000. – KB switches on with PMEM 1: on screen


I have used the KN5000 successfully for many years (with various incarnations of Cubase) and set up a website etc. on which  are 26 all songs were constructed initially with the above combination but a recent intervention by a grandson lost me all settings! I cannot get them back. Leaving the computer out of the equation to start with I reset all settings in accordance with the KNOWHOW article on this site called MIDI OUT WITH APC and I get an initial screen with “PMEM: -1” at the top. I don’t want that at the top. (I have used the keyboard for many years gigging using Panel Memory.) I feel that if I can set this right I maybe able to set everything right. Can you help please?  ? Point me in the right direction?

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    Hi @roystond

    I’m not sure I can be a lot of help because my KN5000 is not available at the moment. Looking in the manual, Page 27, it seems normal for the Panel Memory and Bank to be shown at the top of the display. I’m attaching a pic here.

    On KN6000 and higher you can edit the various parts of the display but I’ve never tried that with KN5000 and can’t see the feature in the manual.

    Anyway, for now, is this the page you are talking about?


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    Panel memories usually start with ‘A’ x 8; then ‘B’ x 8; then ‘C’ x 8 before you get to panel memory 1 – so can I suggest moving through the banks of panel memories until you get back to ‘A’. Then next time you turn on it may well stay at ‘A’.

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