PR51 help! (Newbie)


Thanks for allowing me to join your forum.

I have a PR51 that has served me with hours of enjoyment for the past 5 or so years until a couple of weeks ago, when one morning it wouldn’t turn on. I have some basic electronic skills so I opened the top case, checked the fuse on the AC board and the 2 fuses on the amp board and they were fine. I further confirmed that the transformer is working, with 20v AC leaving the secondary windings and going into the Audio board.

That is where I stopped, my knowledge doesn’t go any further.

Could anyone share their thought or offer some advice on this?

Thank you in anticipation.


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    Hi Ian,

    I hope someone can help you, I’ll ask around I’m not good with electronics.

    Are there any lights coming on at all? If lights are on have you tried headphones?

    Best wishes,


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