KN930 as Midi Controller for Garageband


I KN930 was recently given to me. I’m just learning how to play keys, but I want to be able to use this as a midi controller in GarageBand. I purchased a Fore USB to Midi interface from Amazon to use with my MacBook Air. I have been able to use this cable to connect a Roland TD-10 drum module to my MacBook running Garageband and it worked perfectly. However, when I use it to connect the KN930 to my MacBook running Garageband, I am unable to get a signal in or out. I have used the Audio MIDI setup tool on my MacBook to confirm the keyboard is connected. When I use Audio Midi to send a signal to the KN930, I get sound. However, when I press the keys on the KN930, I don’t get anything. I’ve used a Midi Monitoring tool to try to help troubleshoot but it is showing no data being transmitted/received. Can you provide some additional troubleshooting tips? Is the Fore cable compatible with the Technics keyboard I have? What MIDI settings should I have in the KN930 to make it work?




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    if .your fore interface works with your roland then your KN930 should work to.

    Check your midi input /output settings on the KN.

    Check master /slave settings




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