KN3000 Died – Is there a way to read/convert saved audio files to MP3 on PC?


Hello – my church’s KN3000 keyboard recently died. (Does not power on).

The keyboard was retrofitted in the past with USB Drive emulator, thus all the audio files for the keyboard were stored/backed up on a USB flash drive.

Is there a solution/method available to read the keyboard audio files (that are saved on the USB drive) with a PC configured with the appropriate software?  Or is the only method to read the keyboard audio files is to read them with another working KN3000 or other compatible KN series keyboard?

Ideally, would like to convert the old KN3000 keyboard audio files into more user friendly MP3 files that can be more easily played.

Thank-you in advance for any guidance that you might have to allow us to read the old KN3000 audio files.



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    Hi David,

    The issue might be very simple such as one of the small internal fuses being broken. If it’s an old church and suffers from power fluctuations that is a real possibility and it might cost pennies to install a new fuse.

    To play back the files you’ll need a KN3000 or newer keyboard. All newer models will load the files but only a KN3000 will play them back exactly (there will be minor differences in playback with later models, nuances).

    To get the files onto PC you’ll need software for the USB emulator. The most popular emulators are made by Gotec and you can download the software on their website:

    You can then put the files onto floppy disks and load them in another KN3000 or later model.

    As the files are particular to Technics keyboards you can only play them back on the keyboards or using specialist software such as EMC Styleworks (which would cost more than buying another KN3000).

    I hope that helps, continue the thread if you need more help.

    Best wishes,

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