Technics KN1200 any help please


Hello there,

I’ve got a KN1200 a few months ago because I love vintage keyboards and I had a KN800 when I was young (I’ve got one too again a few weeks ago).

I’ve got more recent keyboards at home of course but I love the idea to get the best from old things.


I’ve got a copy of EMC Style works that claims to be compatible with the 1200, but that’s not true. It uses the instruments map from the KN2000 which is not compatible with the KN1200. While the sounds are mostly the same, midi banks and program numbers are different. So when I connect my KN1200 to Style Works, it doesn’t sound good (bass becomes an organ etc …). I can’t see any way in Style Works to change the bank and program numbers too 🙁 So it is quite useless.

Is there any other software that should help convert styles for the KN1200 ?

Or is there any MIDI software that could “on the fly”, change banks and program numbers ? (So I can use Style Works).

Is there any software to change sound settings and other things for the KN1200 ?


I understand that there is no way to change the panning of the accomp parts in the composer. It seems to be true for the Kn2000 too, then for the KN3000 … Is this seriously true ? Technics made wonderful keyboards, but how could they just ignore such an important setting ?


Do you know any website where I could get material just made for my KN1200 ? New sounds, styles etc …


Last but not least, I would like to subscribe to but new members are not allowed anymore because spam related concerns. Nigel, the owner, told that he would respond to any request via Email. The problem is that Nigel had problems in his life last year, and he doesn’t answer emails anymore. I really would like to subscribe there because there is still a huge Technics community (also for my old Yamaha arrangers), do you know any workaround or any people who could help me ?


Thank you very much,






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    Long time since I played around with compatibility between Technics models but I seem to remember the KN3000 being the friendliest in that respect.

    Not that many active Technics keys people in Synthzone any more but Ive attached a few zipped files from the storage area there which may help you.

    Roger M

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    Thank you very much though I’ve got the files already as there is no need to subscribe to get them.

    Does anyone know what’s happening with Nigel ? Does he still deal with the board ?

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