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I am trying to access the Technics KN2000 composer etc files, to try and bring the files into a Logic Pro X project, to finish some projects from 1993-1996… I wonder if there is a way to do this? It seems like there is no longer a way to download Cakewalk or Sonar….? It is not working for me…

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    Logic Pro is an excellent DAW. So is Cakewalk.

    Cakewalk is available for free, and it is expected to remain free. It is an exceptional DAW to have available at zero cost.

    You can’t load any Technics files into a DAW. You would have to convert them to midi first. You can convert to midi in the KN2000 operating system (the same applies to KN750 onwards). However, it is not extremely straightforward.

    Consider that the keyboard’s sequencer is sending a chord to the ‘Style Player’ (Composer). The Composer part consists of short looped sequences that respond to the chord being played. To convert to midi, all of those short ‘Style sequences in different keys’ have to be converted to the individual midi notes.

    Therefore, the easiest way to bring a Technics performance into your DAW is to connect using a midi cable and literally record all the midi notes that are output. You’ll need to refer to the kn2000 Manual and Reference Guide.

    Set up the keyboard-DAW so that the KN2000 is sending timing and notes on the separate midi channels to individual tracks in the DAW. That should be relatively straightforward. You’ll capture the entire sequence in the DAW, and be able to play it back to the KN2000 or another instrument. Playing back to virtual instruments on your computer or a Soundfont should be an easy thing to do. That’s exactly what I did in my Bonfire Night Blog.

    If you need more detailed help, respond to his post and we’ll all do our best ūüôā


    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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    Recording midi using Cakewalk (relevant section is about half-way through)

    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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    Hi Mike and Technics community,

    Thank you so much for your trouble-shooting support, Mike!
    Just a couple more questions, which will help me follow your instructions in your reply email…
    1. What Technics keyboards can run the KN2000 composer files? I no longer have access to a KN2000, but there is someone local who owns a KN6000…
    2. Will the KN2000 Composer files work on the KN6000?
    3. What other Technics KN models atore able access the KN2000 composer files, should this keyboard sell?
    Attached is a screenshot of the files that I have from the KN2000 Floppy Disks…
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    Without trying it myself I can’t be categorical but I believe the KN6000 can load KN2000 files. I’m not 100% sure which ones. I’ve gathered various compatibility information over the years but I haven’t tried every type.

    You mentioned Composer files, which are Styles. Full performances (sequences) are usually more of an issue.

    Sometimes, I’ve had to step up through interim models by opening and saving.

    We’re having a similar conversation here:

    Here is my main compatibility chart (it mainly relates to CMP files):

    Here is a page with additional compatibility info:

    Here is the info to explain the contents of each type of file:

    For sequences, the best way is to connect two keyboards via midi. Play on one and record on the other. You can also use this methods between different brands.

    If you’re definitely talking about Composer (CMP) files, you can send them to me (add them to a forum post) and I have software to convert them to later models.

    I would be able to try opening on KN7000. All my other Technics keyboards are in storage temporarily (I had a flood that wrecked my kitchen so everything is upside-down).

    Forum Files Generally

    To attach screenshots, images, audio etc. save them on your computer. Put your cursor in the forum post where you want to add them and then and then select the “Add media” button. Then select “upload files”. Then “Insert into page”.

    To attach Youtube videos also use the Add media button and you’ll see “Insert from URL” on the left. Add the Youtube link in there.

    To attach CMPs and other Technics files use the “Select File” button at the end of a post. You can also add zips if there are several files to add.

    If any of the above doesn’t work please let me know because I haven’t tested every type of file and I might need to change website permissions.


    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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