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Hi.  I bought a KN750 but cannot find a manual for it.  Anyone know where I can get one?  Is there one available on here or maybe a similar one?

Thank you

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    Hi seagate,

    I don’t have the KN750 manual unfortunately, they are quite rare. I’ll keep looking for it and respond here if I find it.

    The KN650 manual should be very similar in terms of normal operations of the KN750. Hopefully, you have the disk drive. If so, then the KN1000 manual should be very similar regarding those features because the files are compatible.

    There are quite a few Styles on the sites for KN750 and I’ll be interested to hear from you about how they sound if you try them.

    KN750 and KN1000 aren’t General Midi compatible but they do interface fine with computers. I might look to create some sequences from midi files on my KN1000 in the future if owners are interested.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Kind regards,

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    Thank you Mike.  I do have the disk drive so will go for the ones you suggest.

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    Buenos dias a todos, empiezo en el tema de teclados y me gustaría que alguien me indicara como obtener el manual de usuario en Español gracias

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    Perdón por mis incongruencias, no puse de que teclado me gustaría obtener el manual en Español, se trata de un TECHNICS KN1000. No me hago con las posibilidades que puede ofrecer. Gracias de ante mano.

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