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What's your Cup of Java???

Do you love all music or have a favourite genre? Choose as many as you like!

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Hello All,

It’s almost the fifth anniversary of the start of our sites (but I started on them years before that!). Starting from a trickle we’re now growing at well over 2000 new members per year!

…so I’m sending out my perennial plea… (at the risk of talking to myself I figure that over 11,000 music lovers must have some opinions!)… help me to see what direction you enjoy, where do you want us to go, chat in the forums, opinionate and get involved, even if it’s to say hello or drop some constructive criticism. Shall I suggest topics to discuss? Write about the particular instruments? Let you chat amongst yourselves? Concentrate on the content (I’d rather do that for the short-term)?

To kick things off… answer here on any subject but take part in the poll… What Genres are your favourites???


If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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