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Do you have access to https://technicskn7000.com? I’ve made several attempts to reach the site over the past few days and get an error message: “This page isn’t working at the moment – technicskeyboards.com can’t currently handle this request; HTTP ERROR 500”. Maybe it’s just maintenance but I thought I’d check things out.

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    Hi Mike – Yes I get exactly the same result & have ever since I returned to the Technics Community about 10 days ago. Additionally, I get a similar response when clicking the big red button ‘Legacy Connection‘ as directed from ‘Home‘ to repair my links to the old TechnicsKN7000 site.

    Moreover, I’ve written to Mike (Admin) via his Contact Me link about a number of issues I’m experiencing since joining the Technics Keyboard New Site and being rather confused as a result. However, I’ve had no response, but I’m a little wary having read Mike’s news item from late December where he details the scale and enormity of his workload running the site! Currently I’m at a loss as to what to do next – I’m hoping Mike will be able to get back to me soon and put me out of my multiple miseries 🙁

    I’m also hoping he’s OK too!

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    Hi Mr QWERTY:

    I just accessed the KN7000 website and left a supportive message for Mike. It looks like things are back up and running and I’ll pass on any response I get from Mike. I doubt I’m knowledgeable enough to help with any of your issues but I’m willing to try. Which keyboard do you have?



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