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After plugging my keyboard sx p30 into my profire 2626 interface it nolonger works properly:

It is playing 4 notes on 4 notes off all the way up from c# onwards low to high. And the sustain seems to be permenantly engaged.

It does not work properly as a midi device, played through an amp or played using headphones. It seems to be stuck in some kind of function i did not (purposely) put it in and is not covered in the manuel.

Can anybody help please?


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    hi Paul

    “it does not work properly as a midi device…..”

    A few questions

    How is it connected ?

    from your px30 midi out to your profire 2626 midi in    ………..and how is it connected to your computer ?

    What kind of DAW or midi sequencer/ sound module do you use to reproduce the midi sounds?

    Do the channels match ?

    I hope this is helpful for you to control the devices otherwise let us know you exact configuration






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    Hi Mriske,

    Thank you so much for replying to my plee for help. In answer to your questions:


    I have connected the keyboard to my DAW in two separate ways.

    Firstly with a cable with quarter inch jacks at each end, from the left and right out port. (The left out is physically brocken) of the keyboard to a in port of the profire interface. The interface is then connected to a 2006 macbook by way of firewire.

    Secondly with a cheap ebay bought midi to usb cable which skips the profire and plugs directly into the macbook usb port.


    I used the two methods separately from each other. Not at the same time

    I’m running logic 9, it’s various instruments work as my midi sound module

    I was able to hear midi data when i first plugged it in so i must have had the channels matching. But it was at this point (if memory serves) that the malfunction took place and only groups of notes would trigger midi data. After i disconected it, it’s built in piano and electric piano sounds, sounded different (as though still playing sound module instruments – although i thought this impossible/Maybe an error in my perception) through headphoes and speakers and the sustain issue i mentioned was also apparent. The groups of notes problem was also there after i disconected from my DAW.

    I was disparing at first and so buried the problem but returned to it recently. On my last attempt i could not get logic instrument sounds to trigger although i could see midi data being recorded within the tracks as regions. This may have been a channel inconsistancy.

    The last issue is my least concerning one as i believe i would have found the solution to it and it is probably not connected to my main issue(s). I include it by way of fully answering your questions.

    It feels like a bug or error is effecting the keyboard in a software sense although it could be a hardware issue. I am loath to open it up without a good youtube video to follow and have read the manuel and attempted the local on/off reset which is explained in there though it made no perceptable difference.

    I think I have outlined my entire configurations. No need to mention the amp, speaker or headphone brands, but I am happy to provide more information as requirred.

    Thanks for reading this far and for any future help

    Kind regards



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    Hi Paul

    some tips to check

    …the malfuction happened when using the midi to USB ?

    some cheap models dont work (mostly those under 10$)

    but you could see midi data being recorded that means there is signal transmitted.

    A) Verifie your px 30 is working

    B) connect your PX30 to your profire and use the fire wire connection. start up the pc

    C) IMPOTRTANT : start up  FIRST your audio/midi interface than the PROGRAM  logic 9

    in addition clean the midi connectors and eventualy reset to factory settings.

    If you see some recording on your pc but it is not ok to you then we should verfy the configuration

    in your DAW


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    Hi Mike,

    I gave your suggestions a go except cleaning the connectors as if i understand the term correctly that means the ends of the cables and there was no dirt to speak of. Sadly the problem persists.

    The audio route ie jack to jack and firewire produces audio but the groups of notes that play and notes that don’t has not altered.

    The midi connection creates a region, registers controller data and makes sound through the interface amp and speakers but has the same problem as the audio. Ie some notes work and some do not.

    Interestingly the notes that are identified on the transport are sometimes correct eg c# and then it will miss identify the same not ie read c# as something else entirely. For the notes that do not register at all it simply says no input.

    The problem also persists when the keyboard is not connected to any other part of my DAW. With headphones or with a jack to jack connection to a guitar amp the notes problem is still there ie some play and some do not

    It is all rather frustrating and inexplicable. What do you mean by verify the configuration?

    Any further help would be greatly appreciated



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    I should add that i am connecting to mains power with a 9volt not 10volt power supply. When i bought it i read reviews and/or comments saying that it worked fine specifically with this keyboard. It worked fine for me too, to begin with, through guitar amp and headphones. Only since first plugging into my DAW has there been a problem but the problem is also now a problem when not plugged in my DAW. Ie through guitar amp or through headphones I do not know if it is to do with the power supply but i thought it definitely worth mentioning at this point. Maybe i should have thought to mention it earlier.



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    Hi Paul

    After reading this information you should verify every device independently.

    ……it worked fine to begin with, through guitar amp and headphones……only since first plugging into my DAW

    For the px 30 you need the adaptor SY-AD8 =AC adaptor 10-12V  2 amp,( polarti  + on the inside)

    If you used this adaptor for you profire 2626 ( who needs 12V   3,5 AMP) then it is possible that the internal

    protection came in action.  So what to do now.

    Can you measure the voltage 10-12volt? If voltage is ok  then connect your px and power on, I hope it will work again.

    Your profire 2626 can work as a stand alone device ( not connected to your computer )so check it the same way but using the appropiate adaptor and a mike or guitar and headphones or connect to an amp.



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