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Just thought I’d say hello.

I’m new to Technics but not to keyboards and synths etc.

I’ve just acquired a poorly KN1200.

If it seems I’m asking stupid questions, please forgive this as I have zero clue about anything made in the KN line.


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    Yup – that’s pretty old, but probably sturdy unless there’s something seriously wrong with it…

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    I have read these are bomb proof,

    I have limited knowledge on the keyboards themselves, but I’m an electronic engineer by trade and so far I’ve discovered that the suppressor on the input is fine, and there is 220 VAC in to the transformer.

    But there is zero output from the transformer.

    Because I can’t find any service information on the 1200 I don’t know what the output should be.

    If I could find this out, I could probably replace the transformer.

    I was thinking it could be 12v + and – out, but I’m definitely not going to just lump anything in it until I know otherwise.

    Especially when someone on a well known music retail site said it could be 20v DC.

    Oddly odd.

    If anyone can steer me in the right direction, mucho love and a mention on my first recorded output would definitely be there.

    Ta muchly.




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