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If you are having problems with floppy disks you probably need to run a disk drive cleaner. I would run it about 30 times to start with and then maybe once or twice per month if you use the drive a lot. Get yourself some brand new floppy disks if you continue to have issues and copy your files to those.

If you are having problems only with disks you are making on your PC then it will probably be the PCs disk drive that needs cleaning or replacing.

If there are still problems, maybe you need to replace the floppy drive. It is relatively easy to do that and fairly inexpensive. If you are not able to source the correct disk drive on Ebay try a Google search for W D Greenhill or Mike Barden, both usually have stocks of disk drives for most models.

You should not have problems using floppies, they are very reliable, so if you’re having floppy problems they should be reasonably easy to fix.

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