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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I received about 75 emails from Members. I appreciate emails but often I can’t answer each one individually due to time constraints. Regarding Forum posts, I try to answer each one because they help a lot of people.

Our websites are a Community, they are not a “click and go” delivery system, you have to put a little time and effort in and in return, you’ll get back a lot of satisfaction, creativity and musical-delight.

Sometimes, misunderstandings are encountered. I was out Christmas shopping with my children yesterday when I got this response to an account activation email:

“What the hell do I have to register for a credit card for when I already have two!!! I only wanted to join to be able to have access to kn 7000 down loads.”

Please, engage a filter before sending me emails like this. Quite frankly, I lost sleep over your email last night and, unfortunately, I feel the need to respond to it.

  • I am not a large corporation, you are in communication with an individual, a fellow musician. I spend most of my spare time working on my sites. I have a lot of enjoyment and fun running them. Have fun using them. I want to receive constructive criticism but if you just want to spread negativity or upset me personally then find a different outlet for your frustrations.
  • The websites don’t take credit card information anywhere. Period. Or maybe the email is sarcastic. It’s not very clear, is it? Would this email motivate you Mr X?
  • Some services require a Paypal payment. These services are completely optional. Proceeds go towards running costs.

How this all works.

  1. Registering on the site gives you the ability to participate in our Community (the Groups, Forums and Blog) – REGISTER – After registering, you’ll get an email to activate your account. That’s just how it is. No payment is involved.
  2. The next step – having a Free or VIP Subscription gives you the ability to download files – SUBSCRIBE – If you want to download files, you need a subscription. That’s just how it is. A Free subscription doesn’t cost you anything and you get access to around 50,000 Technics files as well as files for other brands.
  3. To access ALL 50,000 files, you have to complete the Legacy Connection. You’ll find the link to that on the home page. You can only see that when you’re logged in. Once you have done that you can access all areas.
  4. Finally, on the entire network, there are approximately 110,000 files. If you want access to absolutely everything you need a VIP subscription instead of a free one.

I don’t deliberately make things difficult here. That’s how the software works. I’m a hobby musician, not a web programmer and I simply do my best with web programming, I don’t claim or warrant that the sites are perfect. You might have to look around for some of the information. There are over 10,000 pages. If you need help with finding something post a message in the forums and you’ll get help.

Running the sites, servers, software and resources costs five figures GBP and makes a loss. The VIP Members and I pay for the free memberships. In return, VIP Members get extra help and more Styles & files.

All I ask free members to do is to join in the forums, answer some polls, post a few comments, make friends, help out other Members and be polite.

For your interest here are yesterday’s statistics:

  • I received approx 300 automated and individual emails including 75 emails directly from members. I answered about ten of the direct emails from VIPs who needed help. I enabled network-wide access for one VIP. I spent about 10 hours editing the sites and then the family enjoyed some Xmas shopping and Christmas music in the car! ūüôā
  • Visits made to the websites – 27,000
  • Pages viewed – 63,300
  • New files I added, approx 300 (Midis and Yamaha files in this instance)
  • New Members – 9
  • New VIPs – 1
  • Advertising generated ¬£10.05
  • VIP subscriptions ¬£4.99
  • Newsletter subscriptions – 3
  • Files downloaded – 1756
  • Server & Software costs – 4 figures, benefitting from Black Friday deals of up to 50%. November is always a high-outlay month but we benefit in the long run
  • Software updates – 12 plugins updated including 1 security plugin (I’m doing these updates when you see the “under maintenance” screen)
  • 767 spam posts were blocked and deleted by the security software
  • Automatic emails sent by the websites – approx 225
  • All of the above apply to 30th November only
  • 26,019 malicious login attempts were blocked by the security software in November
  • Our security software checks email addresses and IP addresses against known problem accounts in several professional databases worldwide every time someone makes a post, registers or logs in
  • Our servers are in Europe but when you access the site it is served to you via a network of seven hubs. For example if you access from USA, you connect to the USA hub.


If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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