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Hi everyone, new member here. I recently picked up this old gem that from what I can see was Technics flagship piano in 1986. Wow the action feels perfectly suited for my touch and it’s so inspiring to play. I’ve been searching everywhere for this manual to no avail so I hope someone here can help.

In lieu of a manual, I really need to figure out some midi functions. Specifically, and most important – setting the send channel. I’ve tried all I can think of that would seem obvious but no luck so far. I’m either missing a hidden step/function or the midi is not working. Being well experienced in midi protocol and connections I’ve double and triple checked the cables and I/O ports as well as the receiving units’ receive channels. Can anyone help me here? Thank you so much!

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    hi @shaynec and welcome!

    sx-PX1 is a fantastic-looking and sounding piano, congratulations on picking one up! I’ll be adding a page about it soon.

    You’re right, it was the flagship when released. I’m no pianist but I was blown away by it at the time.

    Indulge me in a short story. I attended the PX1 launch event in Bath where I was attending University. I’m guessing I was the youngest person in the audience at the time, aged 19, with no hope of ever being able to afford one. I was there to see the launch of the EX70 organ, which I dreamed to afford someday. I later got to play many EX70s in workingmen’s clubs around the country.

    I went to the music shop that was sponsoring the event in the afternoon before the launch concert. They allowed me to play the EX70 in the shop for a few hours. During the evening event, Tony Pegler, the Technics main demonstrator, suddenly said… now I want you to hear this young man play, he has only had an hour trying out the EX70 today and doesn’t know I’m going to ask him to play. Nervously going up on stage I was pretty anxious playing Moonlight Serenade to a large audience of fairly accomplished musicians! You should know, I’m a very shy person and a self-taught musician 🙂

    Neat fact: Technics sx-PX1 was famously used by the Pet Shop Boys. You can see Chris Lowe playing it in this video.


    Edited that because I added the wrong video the first time.

    Anyway, enough of that. I hope to help you. PX1 was released at the same time as PX5. PX 7 and PX9. They were based on the same technology. Unfortunately, I don’t have the manual for the PX1 yet but we do have the Operating Instructions for PX5, PX7 and PX9, and the midi instructions look comprehensive. They also look difficult to figure out without a user manual.

    You can view and download the user manual on the following page, and it is my guess that instructions for the PX1 will be virtually identical.


    Let us know if that helps you. If it does not, I’ll come up with something else.

    Good luck!

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    Hey Mike, Ha what a great story and reply, thanks for that! Great video too. There’s not a lot out there on it that I’ve found but what is, is so good. Here’s a video I came across by the guys at Analogue Solutions covering Pet Shop Boys. And the Rick Wakeman article was sweet. 30+ years later he’s still not wrong.

    I also have an old sequencer I believe is compatible with it, the SY-MQ8

    Thanks again for the info and manual links! Finally will be able to get this thing cookin’


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    PS even though it says “Buy Now”, user manuals are free to view and download if you have a Free Membership Plan or higher (which I note you do). This is Mike posting from my ‘testing’ account.

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    Oops I missed your response. Thank you, that’s a great video!

    With what you’re into you would love a Technics WSA1 (I’m greedy, I have two, plus one now owned by my son!).


    (new version of that website coming soon)

    Rick Wakeman used WSA1 in several recordings.

    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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    Got the midi sorted! Would never have figured it out without the manual. Thank you sooo much Mike. Currently trying it out with a Proteus 1 module that is new to me too. I am blown away beyond expectation at the pairing of these two. Layering them and using a saturated tapge delay, etc is producing some great ambient textures which is something I like to mess around with a lot. Frankly I wasn’t expecting the Proteus to do much for me but it’s a keeper now. I find the px1 piano and elec piano sounds much warmer and more to my liking than similar patches on the Proteus. The crispness and brightness of the proteus makes for some rich layering for sure but for a stand alone piano sound the px1 is the winner for me. Thanks again!

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    You’re very welcome I’m so pleased that it’s working for you!

    Hope to hear some of your music soon! *wink*


    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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