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I have jsut purchased a KN6000. I wanted to load floppy disk arragements from my kn1200 into it, but it comes up with an error saying this is from a different product and wont load. is there anyway to convert them?



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    Hi @davepearceuk

    I assume they are sequencer files Dave? KN6000 should load the Style files (CMP) from KN1200 but occasionally we need to load and save in KN3000 as an interim step.

    I’ve never tried the interim step with sequencer files. I’m completely guessing but I think it should work if we step it up through KN3000 or possible KN5000.

    You could try opening just the CMP files (go to Page 2 of the Load screen in KN6000). That would give you a start by bringing the patterns through. You should theoretically then be able to export from the sequencer to midi files in KN1200 and load the midi into KN6000.

    That’s if you still have your KN1200 of course!

    I’ll be able to help you with this in about a month. Most of my keyboards are in storage at the moment because I’m rebuilding my kitchen (I had a flood).

    I’m hoping that a KN3000 owner might offer to give this a shot with you by trying to load the files and save them in KN3000 format. Generally, KN3000 gives us the strongest compatibility when converting to any other model. That’s the case whether we’re going up or down the range of keyboards.

    Despite what I said above, if you upload one of your arrangements here I’ll see what I can do with my PC software. It will also let KN3000 owners try. If you still have KN1200 upload a midi export of the same arrangement too.

    Zipped files should upload fine. Use the “Select File” button under the reply. If you have issues uploading let me know because I might have to allow permissions for other file types to be uploaded in the website settings.

    Best wishes,


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    Hello Mike

    Thanks for coming back so quickly, and for your full response. This is excellent. I will try that and will get the files loaded up too. The arrangements are from my teenage years of playing lots of events when i was taking my grades to 8. I haven’t played for 15 years and yes i do have the kn1200 so thats good.

    Will be in contact

    Thanks again so much


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    You’re welcome Dave.

    If you just want to preserve your performances I thought of a better way.

    Connect both keyboards via midi. You’ll have to tweak the midi settings a bit so that KN6000 receives the correct triggers.

    Load the performance in KN1200. You’ll be able to trigger the KN6000 to automatically record the entire performance into the sequencer.

    We can still try other ways if you like, but I reckon that will work really well.

    Let us know if you need help!

    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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