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my first contact  to technicskeyboard was on 8/30/2016.

With the new site  I will start over again with the same gear: KN6000, AC1200,EX70,SY FD5,SYMQ8

All this in configuration with a DAW  Sonar and band in a box. Mostly I work with midi to and from the KN6000 and AC1200.  I have a lot of software for the KN1500 and KN3000 (original )

If I can help let me know, for now the best to all of you. mriske


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    I’m so happy to see you here! Emails were not getting through to you from me or from the site. I contacted your service provider to try to get the emails going through. I spend a lot of time contacting email providers to ask them to let emails through to members, you can’t believe how much I have to argue with them sometimes. That is why I ask all our Members to never mark our emails as spam.

    For many years jd5live helped with all of the administration of the forums while I was running the sites and making content. He more than helped, he spent all his days here. Sadly, John has had a serious stroke and he is recovering very, very slowly indeed. When I visit him in hospital he dearly wishes to be able to be back in his wheelchair and talk with everyone again. So… I’m trying to keep up with the community but I have to also concentrate on the content and the systems of the websites which have to be updated and kept secure every day.

    I want to invigorate the community but to do everything is a bit impossible sometimes. I hope from 11,189 of us we have some talkative ones who will save my poor fingers haha.

    That is how the Internet has become. The security systems have prevented more than 10,000 spam posts to the forums so I apologise to all members for some inconveniences with logging in occasionally but we’re dealing with these sort of malicious events nonstop these days. Which is why I must continue to move all the information from the old sites to the new ones, before the old system’s support is ended. …And so, I’m sorry if I can’t always answer quickly too.

    I’m very interested to hear all you’re doing with midi!

    Again, if my responses sometimes take a few days you can be sure that I have read every post every day just that I haven’t had a minute to answer yet 🙂

    Also, I usually try not to answer every post immediately, to give someone else the chance to answer.

    I don’t answer in the legacy forums because I’m still planning how to convert those forums to these forums. I have a developer working on that with me. I don’t want us to lose all of those useful posts but I try not to increase the numbers of posts in the legacy forums because it will be more work in converting them 🙂

    Kind regards,


    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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    I share with you all how the monitoring goes. This is 1 minute of emails (11 emails per minute is the average that the site sends me either from posts people make, or to inform me of actions). I try to follow up every failed login or other action to keep it running smoothly 🙂

    So when I see a nice post like yours, I am very happy that you’re back too! 🙂

    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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