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I have paid £4-99 to be able to obtain a Service Manual for a SX-PR902 Ensemble

But was unable to achieve this for some reason

I have been trying to contact the |Admin  MIKE  but of No avail !

Can anybody help me to get what I want without having to pay again Please ?


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    hi roy

    It seems the site is not working well for the moment.

    I have send you a pm about sxpr902.

    kind regards

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    I do not seem to have received your PM re Technics SX-PR902 Service Manual that I have paid for but cannot Download

    Please can you send me a Link which will allow instead of going via this Web Site

    My Email address is royblake264@btinternet.com



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    I have had the same problem last week.  IT been charged to my AMX and still no download available or instruction on how to get the download.  I paid for SX-PR305.


    Can someone help?


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    Hi Paul

    The last two  days the site was not working at all.

    You can try this for viewing or downloading because you have already paid.

    I found this ;: go to “Recent Active” CLICK ON THE ADMIN and find the link in the thread.

    stay save


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