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hi all, i found y’all when i googled with frustration for my power cord that keeps FALLING OFF of my keyboard. The socket (is that what it’s called…where you put the cord into the keyboard?) is upside down under the keyboard, so NATURALLY gravity will win, if something happens. This has been happening for a few years now but now with remote teaching, it’s really annoying. Aside from taping the cord into the sock area….is it worth buying a new cord (i found some on ebay) or is this something wrong with the “socket” itself?? i’m not very tech savvy so i’m sorry for this dumb question. I don’t know where else to turn to, so I’m glad I found you guys (but you guys are not at all talking about the SX-model so bit worried).

PLEASE tell me what I should do! This baby has been with me for over 20 yrs now, so I’d like to keep it going…

SX-PX101 Owner from the 90's

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