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Too difficult, took 4 or 5 false starts and several send-a-new-password-steps before getting to this step. Anyway, evidently it worked.

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    Too difficult, took 4 or 5 false starts and several send-a-new-password-steps before getting to this step. Anyway, evidently it worked.

    I had a similar experience. First the system didn’t like my password, telling me it was “Weak” so I had to add a punctuation character to make it stronger (then I recalled the same thing happened the last time I did this and I obviously forgot the password I changed to). Then I completed a “Forgot my Password” reset, got sent a new password which was totally unmemorable and, unless I wrote it down on a piece of paper (which I would immediately lose), I would have forgotten by tomorrow. Eventually, I succeeded in navigating here and hope that this post is sufficient to allow my membership to be duly recorded and registered As I’ve already forgotten my new password, I hope I don’t have to log in again.

    Onwards & upwards…

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    Similar convoluted, multi-step process as described above, but did manage to change password back to something useful.



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    Well, it broke again for me almost immediately and I had to re-perform all steps all the way. Not liking Safari for various reasons I switched in the middle of the process to Firefox. The last time (of several), I finally guessed that the “Forums Settings” button was not a single button but two: one for Forums and one for Settings. Got in to Settings and changed the impossible password to one I can remember. Now I tried to log out, so I could log back in and choose to have the password remembered in my Firefox pw-list. Unfortunately there’s no (to me) obvious way to log out…

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    Hi @resyn @mike0liver @markt,

    I’m sorry you had such a poor experience with the site. I really appreciate you posting the details of that because I’m working non-stop to improve the process and your comments are invaluable to help with that. They help me to trace what is causing problems.

    In testing (I’m explaining, not justifying) I ironed out many issues until the process seemed fairly smooth but it is difficult to anticipate every scenario. I have expert programmers on call to cover aspects that I can’t and they are also working very hard at it. I’m also not available all the time as I do this in my spare time. As I say, I’m not making excuses but I want to assure you that your efforts aren’t going unnoticed and are being used to fix problems and facilitate a better experience.

    Regarding some of these issues above (letting you know what is going on so that you can let me know if it doesn’t work):

    Passwords – Unfortunately, the awful password that is initially generated is not in my control at all. That’s down to WordPress. I’m trying to find a different way but there doesn’t seem to be one. The best way I have around this at the moment is to select the password in your email, right-click on the selection and copy it. Then you can paste it into the password field in the website.

    Weak passwords – the system is set to accept weak passwords but it will warn you that they are weak for your own information. If the system is actually preventing you from continuing with a weak password of your choice please let me know. it shouldn’t stop you from proceeding even though it is warning you.

    Logging Out – You shouldn’t need to log out often if you’re using your own computer. However, if you want to log out there is a large circle with a plus sign at the top left of each page. Click that and you’ll see the log out button. I will make logging in and out easier and more visible than this as soon as I can.

    The initial logging in is looping for some people and not for others. We’re testing it over and over and re-writing the code to eliminate problems as soon as we can trace them. It does take a while thanks for your patience and please continue to report any issues, thoughts and experiences. I understand that things can be irritating, just email me before feeling stressed and I’ll sort it directly. I can’t physically manage to do the whole process for over 10,000 people but I’ll drop everything to sort issues if you email me directly.

    Many thanks,

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    I’ve made quite radical changes to the process of signing in and out. This is now done using the Login and Logout links in the top right menu (red menu at the top of the site). It should go smoothly but let me know if there are any problems. Migration is now done via new link on the home page of the site.

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    I had to reset my password, but all is well. I have officially migrated!

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