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Hi I’m new to the forum and I appreciate being a member. Unfortunately, I am unable to access any of the media that I’d like to download and use on my keyboard. When I go and select an item to download I get stuck.  The website never proceeds beyond me selecting something to download.  I’ve included a 5 second video that shows what happens.  If I didn’t kill the page it would cycle endlessly. The same thing happens no matter where I log in or if I use a different internet provider.  Can someone help?



Edit:  I’m not allowed to attach media to my post.

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    Edit:  I got charged £5.99 for a monthly VIP subscription.  I only wanted to subscribe to a free subscription until this inability to dl was solved, but that didn’t happen.

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    I can’t even get a reply from the site administrator.  This is crazy!

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    Can anybody give me any help?



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