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Hi All,

You’ll notice more badges, images and avatars appearing around the site over the next few weeks as I get chance to make them. Some are colour-coded to instruments or families and will help you to identify compatible pages and files. Others are member-specific, for a bit of fun.

A few VIPs have asked if they should also join the Free Plan. You are welcome to. One Plan doesn’t cancel out the other, they all work together. If you’re a ‘badge collector’ you’ll get another badge on your profile too.

Badges, Tags and Categories are all linked together in the background. These taxonomies will automate you to be able to view the files and content you want most, relating to your instrument (in due course). In the legacy sites, Members have found it to be difficult to identify the correct files on occasion. I appreciate that things seem a bit complicated at the moment but all of this will make things easier as we go along.

JD5live is one of the first members to ever join the sites and he has given so much in our forums in particular but also to the huge collection of Styles and Sounds we have, as well as being my best friend in troubled times. He is getting gradually better but not very significantly so yet and he is dearly missing you all, looking forward to returning. I hope that you all benefit from the friendships you make on here and in your lives, as John and I have. Music helps us all to feel fulfilled and that is something that many of us here have in common. I’m sure we have many other things in common too and I feel proud that we have members from literally hundreds of countries who speak many languages, sharing these affinities.

I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about website programming in the last few years(!) so I’m very happy to be able to develop our network to have a more professional appearance and useful features. Forgive me when I’m not able to participate in the Forums as much as I would like while I do that. I will concentrate on the content (hopefully someday it will be ‘finished’ and I can play more!) but rest assured, I read literally everything and I will join in, especially where help is needed.

I like that you can all see the membership numbers in real-time now at the top of the page. As you can see, quite a number of people join every single day. It’s really motivating and quite incredible. We do suffer from some, let’s say, ‘unusual signups’ but the security features here immediately prevent them from posting and they go into a holding area for me to assess whether a mistake has been made. This is so much easier for me because this was the bane of my evenings up until august, trawling through and deleting these troublemakers. It’s beyond me what motivates such people (robots?).

Enough for now. Enjoy the sites and your music folks.

Best wishes,

If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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    PS When I’m not in the ‘Recently Active’ section, doesn’t mean I’m not here 😉 usually I’m doing a backup or one of those many necessities. See you soon!

    If architecture is frozen music then music must be liquid architecture. Quincy Jones

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