About our Community and Network of sites

We have three types of website in the Network:

The Membership

Each site has its own Members, Community and Downloads. If you’re a member of one site, you can log in to the others using the same credentials. The main point of distinction is the Master Site because it controls and administers the Network Sites.

Each of the Network sites receives an Activity Stream from all sites, so we can all be involved in the main Community, as well as the individual websites.

Move around and follow your interests. Your profile will follow you automatically.

The Legacy Sites

All of the Legacy sites are for Technics instruments. The content of these sites is being migrated into the Network because they are built using a system that will not be supported in the future. Unfortunately, that situation is beyond my control but, on a positive note, our new Networked system is a pleasure to administer.

New Members (August 2019 onwards) need to follow the instructions on the Home Page to access Downloads on the Legacy sites (Maintain Legacy Connection).

Downloading Files in the New Network

Master Site:

  1. Register on the site to participate in the Community, and all sites.
  2. Subscribe to a Free or VIP Plan to be able to download any files.
  3. You can log in to any site.

Network Sites:

  1. You can download files on the Network Sites as soon as you join.
  2. You can then log in to any site and participate.
  3. There are no VIP files in the Network sites, only Free files.
  4. You will need to subscribe to a Free or VIP Plan to download any files from the Master Site.

Future Plans

The domain of the Master Site will change to be brand-agnostic. That will be in 2020, and you won’t need to do anything. Other Network sites will come online, as the content is migrated.

I’m currently building our Knowledge Base, migrating content and the old forums into the Network, and creating and adding new content.

Want to Help?

Your support in making Blog posts, joining in the Forums, participating in the Polls, and helping each other out is tremendously supportive, thank you. Enjoy the Community and make some new, like-minded friends.

Becoming a VIP Member helps me to fund the running of the sites, which runs to five figures per annum. I occasionally have SD Cards, USB Sticks and Floppy Disks for sale. All proceeds go to running the sites.

If you would like to volunteer to help out, send me an email and we’ll discuss things that you enjoy doing, I always appreciate the help!

If you don’t have my email please use the Contact Form which is at the bottom of every page. I don’t publicise my email address because it causes spam.

The contact form is for volunteering, if you need help with the website or for VIPs who need assistance.

If you need personal help with your instrument please use the Forums where the Membership and I will help you. If you email me directly for help I will likely forget, you will get a lot more assistance and I will answer more quickly if you use the Forums.