220 superb Styles for floppy disk converted from KN7000 for earlier Technics keyboards, digital ensembles and organs!

220 Styles x 7 versions for different models = 1540 different Composer files.

Play the amazing Technics KN7000 patterns on your instrument!

BONUS - Our Technics Keyboard Songs2Styles APP

The APP gives a list of thousands of song suggestions, related to the Styles on your instrument. You can access the APP on the top menu of the website.

The Time Warp Series is a KN7000 conversion, so you can now access the KN7000 Song2Styles suggestions in the APP by selecting KN7000 and searching for a song title or rhythm.

KN6000 & KN6500

Some of the Styles for KN6000 and KN6500 include Panel Memories with Sounds and tempos that are equivalent to the Music Style Arranger settings on the KN7000.

The conversion process, unfortunately, sets the APC & Memory settings in the Panel Memories to SINGLE FINGERED. So, you will either need to re-save the Panel Memories with your favourite APC settings or you can over-ride them using the Expand Mode Filters.

To read more about Expand Mode Filters and learn how to do this, refer to Page 65 in the KN6000 User Manual.

KN2600 & KN2400

You can use the KN6000 files or Late PR files on KN2600 or KN2400. Just transfer them to SD Card (or floppy for KN2400). If you would like an SD Card version here, let me know.

KN1000 & KN750

The Organ Samba Style can not be converted because it contains too much data for the KN1000 and KN750 to load. Hopefully, I'll be able to edit it at some time in the future when I find out more about this issue. Still, 219 out of 220 ain't bad!

Tap Dancer Style

Download this style separately. It has been re-converted. The zip contains the Style in versions suitable for all models. PR903 PR703 PR603 use the KN6000 version.

PR303 PR305 PR307

The files are untested on these models but should be compatible. If you find issues let me know and I will publish a new version.

PR804 PR604 PR54

The styles are almost identical in KN7000 and these models but you are welcome to try them and assess the differences!

TIME WARP for KN6500 KN6000 KN2600 KN2400
TIME WARP for PR804 PR604 PR54 PR903 PR703 PR603
TIME WARP for KN5000 KN1600 KN1400 PR902 PR702 PR602
TIME WARP for KN3500 KN3000 KN1500 KN930 KN920 PR900 PR700 PR600 PR500 PR53 PR52 PR51
TIME WARP for KN2000 KN1200 KN901 AC1200
TIME WARP for KN1000 KN750
TIME WARP for F100 G100 GA3 GA1 EA5 EA3 EA1 PR303 PR305 PR307
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