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Copy Styles, Sounds, MIDI Files and more to your SD Cards using SD-Techmanager7000.

The SD Techmanager7000 Windows Utility is designed for managing your SD Cards enabling you to copy files from your computer to your keyboard with ease. It is a fully comprehensive SD Card management tool and was priced at £109.99 ($179) when released in 2003.

Key Soft Service who created the software ceased operations many years ago and various websites have made the SD-Techmanager programme available for download over the years. However, the links on those sites are defunct now and the Package assembled here includes all necessary patches to make it run in the current version of Windows.

I have updated the Package to work with Windows 10 by assembling all of the required files and patches in this Download.

Download & Installation

Step 1:

Download the Package and unzip it on your hard drive. It contains the following files:

Step 2:

Run (double-click) the 'msvbvm50.exe' file. This installs Visual Basic files that are necessary for the programmes to work in Windows 10.

Step 3:

Run the installation programme 'Setup.exe' and you will see the following screen:

Notice that the Full Versions of SD-Techmanager7000 and MDB-Converter7000 are present. The other programmes are not in this installation.

The MDB-Converter7000 programme is a utility to convert files from the KN6000 & KN6500 hard drives to make them available to Techmanager7000. These hard drives are relatively rare so you are lucky if you have one!

Click on the icon next to SD-Techmanager7000 to continue the installation. Select 'Next' or 'OK' to continue through the screens (ignoring messages about old versions of Windows) until the installer finishes.

Step 4:

You will now find the programme on your Windows Start Menu. Run the programme SD-Techmanager7000:

Next, you will be confronted with the programme's splash screen, followed by a Product Registration window:

Step 5:

Key Soft Service has thankfully made the Key Generator (password maker) available for download from their website. However, without the patches that I have included the Key Generator won't run! Leave the Product Registration window open and run the 'KeyGenerator.exe' programme from the folder you unzipped at the start of the process. You will see the following window:

Fill in the fields:

  • Password: soerenberg
  • LiberationKeyLength: 16
  • Software Code: Copy the Software Code from the Product registration window

  • Press Generate Key
  • Copy the Liberation Key that is generated into the Product Registration dialogue and press 'Register'

The software is now activated!

You can now manage your Technics files on your SD Cards. Enjoy!

I will be publishing an article about using Techmanager7000 in the near future, linked from here.

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