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On my sx-KN5000 I have a key that is not playing a sound although strangely enough if I press the key right at the back end )nearest to the black cover it does sound. This points I think to a faulty key action. I therefore for want to open up the unit and have a look but I think it contains two capacitors which of course can hold a charge even when the mains is disconnected. I want therefore to discharge them for safety’s sake. But I do not know what they look like, what voltage they are, and therefore whether I can simply discharge them with a screwdriver or I need to use a resistor.  Can anyone give me any information or point me in the right direction.

I have tried to get this done locally (wirral) but there is no-one who seems to be able or wants to do it. there is an engineer in Surrey but sending the keyboard there is very expensive and difficult.



Bought KN 7000 in U.K. From an estate.

Hi all. Very excited to acquire my KN 7000. Want to ship by sea freight to New Zealand.

Needs a case for safe transport and proper packaging. Can someone in U.K . Help me with the logistics of this . I will pay for the case and freight and throw in 50 quid for your assistance. Any takers. Please contact me on Thanks heaps !

“Oh Laid Back Town In Bethlehem” a bit of Robin Fun

“Oh Laid Back Town Of Bethlehem”

After having a run out in the car with Susan to see a few houses with Christmas lights, I played the organ when we got back at 10-45pm and recorded this for you.

Less than two hours later, we had an earthquake


Merry Christmas to you all.


My PR603 is alive again!

I’ve owned my SX-PR603 since 2000 and have just used it to practice music for church (which has a PR602) and for playing back midi files through the floppy drive or from my computer. After moving to Missouri in October of 2018, I didn’t have time to play it much but it was working. Come Christmas, I moved it across the room to make way for the Christmas tree and it suddenly quit working with only the power LED coming on. I could not find anyone locally or even in the US to fix it but did find Mike Barden at in the UK. After shipping the main board to him through the US Post Office / Royal Post, he finally received it after 6 weeks. He fixed and tested it in short order and shipped it back to me with FedEx Premium. I received it in just 24 hours! Popped the board in and now it plays good as new. So nice to have it back.

Next project is to replace the floppy drive with a GoTek Emulator which will allow up to 100 floppy images on a USB pen drive. Should receive it in the next couple of weeks and will update again then.

Something Different

This is a first for me. Have been playing around with Midi for years since it cam out.  I now think I have found real way to use it for me.  Using my Technics KN7000 as the base keyboard.   I went Midi Out to Yamaha PSR S770 Midi In.  Split both keyboards to the same “F# 2” key.  Using Fingered Chords for both and compatible rhythm patterns I tried ‘playing a song.  The song is “Satin Doll” by Duke Ellington.  Using both backgrounds together with fills and pattern changes I was amazed of how the blended to together so well.  Taking a listen and judge for yourself?  Hope you enjoy!

Technic’s Tips 2

After doing (Right 1), (Right 2), and (Left) into (Panel Memory 1), try doing the same thing for each (Rhythm Group).  That’s right there are 15 (Rhythm Groups), excluding (Rhythm Group) (Memory).
 1.  Pick a rhythm in each (Rhythm Group).
  2.  Exclude (Rhythm Group) (Memory).
  3.  Save to (Panel Memory 1) (Expand).
Now when you recall (Panel Memory 1) for a song you have 17 (Right 1) registrations. 17 (Right 2) registrations, 17 (Left) registrations, and 15 (Ryhthms) at your disposal at any time during your playing.  This is impressive to be able 51 registrations and 15 rhythms on (Panel Memory 1).  Once I have (Panel Memory 1) finished, I just save the same thing to all the (Panel Memory 2-8) (Expand).
I then have the exact same voices and rhythms in all (Panel Memories 1-8).
  1.  Pick one of my rhythms and set (Tempo) for (Panel Memory 1)  (Expand).
  2.  Pick one of my rhythms and set (Tempo) for (Panel Memory 2-8)  (Expand).
Now I have 8 (Panel Memory) (Rhythm Groups) ready to use to play for a song!
There are only 3 types of songs.  Fast, slow, and half fast!

Around the world in March

Hi All,

I hope you’re keeping safe and well!

The recent server issues are fixed, it was an easy fix in the end but took many days to find the cause! The website is seeing a massive influx of visitors at the moment so I’m glad this is resolved, fingers crossed, and a warm welcome to everyone who is new here.

There are several ways to sign up to the site, to encourage new members, but the main signup form is changed so that they can indicate which keyboards and interests they have. Existing members can take advantage of this feature by editing your profile. As you select new interests, such as which keyboard you own, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the correct Groups and Forums. In due course, this feature will expand to show you other information of interest to you, such as forum posts or downloads that relate directly to instruments that you own.

Roger is a stalwart as ever and has been posting some great new files on the legacy forum so grab those! I’m still working hard to be able to migrate all the legacy forum posts into this new site and it is proving to be a huge task. I’m also planning to gather all of the great uploads Roger has made over the years onto one page as soon as I can.

As I’m now working from home in my day job due to the pandemic there’s less travelling, which saves me six to eight hours per day, so I hope to go beyond keeping up the daily website maintenance as soon as the work backlog is caught up, as well as posting some Newsletters for you.

I’ll also catch up with messages soon. I’m reading them all and actioning any website items as quickly as possible, thanks for being patient and also helping each other out in the forums, activity stream and comments.

My son Alex and I have virtually isolated ourselves for eight days now and I’ll pick him up later today so that we’re together. He and I are very used to spending long periods of time alone, either engaged in our work, academic studies or our music hobby. Hopefully, there will be time to play some music together as well, we’re looking forward to that.

I ventured out last night to pick up essentials and to drop some food outside the door at my parents’ place, for them and the dogs, and it did feel somewhat eerie to be outdoors. There aren’t many cars on the streets and people are keeping a good distance from each other. Smiling and waving has taken the place of close conversations or shaking hands. Given this situation, the Internet has, even more, become the lifeblood of the global community being essential to people’s work and social lives. I’m conscious that this distancing is new for many people, please do use this community to reach out to music-lovers everywhere and keep in touch on an emotional level to support those who are not used to being on their own. Keep the conversations going if you have time, show people their opinions matter and they are cared-for 🙂

Post in the forums and make some new friends, it helps everyone to keep our spirits up in these troubled times, download some new files and have fun playing your instruments!

Best wishes, and see you soon!

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