The Vikings!

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I had a comment on my You tube video, ”The Vikings” which I recorded on the GA3 a few years ago. It said

*** ”Kirk Douglas 103 god rest his soul” ***

I am sharing the video now as a tribute to Kirk Douglas who as indicated was 103 years old. I tried to get that long deep lonely sound of the […]

“Dance On” by The Shadows. A little Guitar Work from Robin on the Technics GA3

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Hi everyone.

“Dance On” was a hit by The Shadows in the 1960’s

This is my own version recorded 5 years ago on my Technics GA.

To get the full guitar soundsI have guitars on upper and lower keyboards, AND the Bass pedals.

This is a single track recording, “What You See Is What You Get.”

Let me know if you like it.


Remember, remember the fifth of November!

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Bonfire Night!

It’s been a day full of memories. It always is at this time of year with the crisp air of winter around us, Halloween, my birthday arriving out of nowhere yet again, Christmas fast-approaching, and Bonfire Night!

Actually, in the Northern hemisphere, winter starts on Sunday 22nd December this year (the equinox), but let’s not allow some minor, distorted fact […]

Professional Recordings… in 3D!?

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FantaSound UK & International Music Production

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Take The A Train | Ambisonic Recording

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