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“Oh Laid Back Town In Bethlehem” a bit of Robin Fun

“Oh Laid Back Town Of Bethlehem”

After having a run out in the car with Susan to see a few houses with Christmas lights, I played the organ when we got back at 10-45pm and recorded this for you.

Less than two hours later, we had an earthquake


Merry Christmas to you all.


Something Different

This is a first for me. Have been playing around with Midi for years since it cam out.  I now think I have found real way to use it for me.  Using my Technics KN7000 as the base keyboard.   I went Midi Out to Yamaha PSR S770 Midi In.  Split both keyboards to the same “F# 2” key.  Using Fingered Chords for both and compatible rhythm patterns I tried ‘playing a song.  The song is “Satin Doll” by Duke Ellington.  Using both backgrounds together with fills and pattern changes I was amazed of how the blended to together so well.  Taking a listen and judge for yourself?  Hope you enjoy!

Technic’s Tips 2

After doing (Right 1), (Right 2), and (Left) into (Panel Memory 1), try doing the same thing for each (Rhythm Group).  That’s right there are 15 (Rhythm Groups), excluding (Rhythm Group) (Memory).
 1.  Pick a rhythm in each (Rhythm Group).
  2.  Exclude (Rhythm Group) (Memory).
  3.  Save to (Panel Memory 1) (Expand).
Now when you recall (Panel Memory 1) for a song you have 17 (Right 1) registrations. 17 (Right 2) registrations, 17 (Left) registrations, and 15 (Ryhthms) at your disposal at any time during your playing.  This is impressive to be able 51 registrations and 15 rhythms on (Panel Memory 1).  Once I have (Panel Memory 1) finished, I just save the same thing to all the (Panel Memory 2-8) (Expand).
I then have the exact same voices and rhythms in all (Panel Memories 1-8).
  1.  Pick one of my rhythms and set (Tempo) for (Panel Memory 1)  (Expand).
  2.  Pick one of my rhythms and set (Tempo) for (Panel Memory 2-8)  (Expand).
Now I have 8 (Panel Memory) (Rhythm Groups) ready to use to play for a song!
There are only 3 types of songs.  Fast, slow, and half fast!

The Vikings!

I had a comment on my You tube video, ”The Vikings” which I recorded on the GA3 a few years ago. It said

*** ”Kirk Douglas 103 god rest his soul” ***

I am sharing the video now as a tribute to Kirk Douglas who as indicated was 103 years old. I tried to get that long deep lonely sound of the horn and also the vocals later on similar to the original films music after about 12 minutes as the Longships return up the fiord.

I first watched this film on TV with my Dad who would have been 102 now.

Let me know if you like it.


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