My PR603 is alive again!

I’ve owned my SX-PR603 since 2000 and have just used it to practice music for church (which has a PR602) and for playing back midi files through the floppy drive or from my computer. After moving to Missouri in October of 2018, I didn’t have time to play it much but it was working. Come Christmas, I moved it across the room to make way for the Christmas tree and it suddenly quit working with only the power LED coming on. I could not find anyone locally or even in the US to fix it but did find Mike Barden at in the UK. After shipping the main board to him through the US Post Office / Royal Post, he finally received it after 6 weeks. He fixed and tested it in short order and shipped it back to me with FedEx Premium. I received it in just 24 hours! Popped the board in and now it plays good as new. So nice to have it back.

Next project is to replace the floppy drive with a GoTek Emulator which will allow up to 100 floppy images on a USB pen drive. Should receive it in the next couple of weeks and will update again then.