After doing (Right 1), (Right 2), and (Left) into (Panel Memory 1), try doing the same thing for each (Rhythm Group).  That’s right there are 15 (Rhythm Groups), excluding (Rhythm Group) (Memory).
 1.  Pick a rhythm in each (Rhythm Group).
  2.  Exclude (Rhythm Group) (Memory).
  3.  Save to (Panel Memory 1) (Expand).
Now when you recall (Panel Memory 1) for a song you have 17 (Right 1) registrations. 17 (Right 2) registrations, 17 (Left) registrations, and 15 (Ryhthms) at your disposal at any time during your playing.  This is impressive to be able 51 registrations and 15 rhythms on (Panel Memory 1).  Once I have (Panel Memory 1) finished, I just save the same thing to all the (Panel Memory 2-8) (Expand).
I then have the exact same voices and rhythms in all (Panel Memories 1-8).
  1.  Pick one of my rhythms and set (Tempo) for (Panel Memory 1)  (Expand).
  2.  Pick one of my rhythms and set (Tempo) for (Panel Memory 2-8)  (Expand).
Now I have 8 (Panel Memory) (Rhythm Groups) ready to use to play for a song!
There are only 3 types of songs.  Fast, slow, and half fast!