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All We Need Is Love!


This one goes out with love from me to you (does that sound like a song?)!

Beatlemania is our new Songs and Styles Series. It will expand weekly and gradually (depending on your feedback as well).

The five Songs thus far represent around 30 hours of work in experimentation, recording, sequencing, revoicing, midi editing & controller conversions and processing. The holidays were the ideal time for this project which I have planned for a very long time indeed.

I know from extensive research that these Korg conversions are not available elsewhere and now uniquely available for Technics and Yamaha models exclusively on our site. In the process, I also have Korg versions as a byproduct and will consider making these available at a later date.

I appreciate you not sharing these conversions as they take considerable time and investment to make. Send your friends here!

Have fun and Happy Playing!
(And thank you to Roger for the inspiration!)

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